Camp Taylor Policies

Please review our policies, rules and regulations for occupany


Reservations for use of Camp Taylor are made through the board of directors or a designated representative. Reservations can be made up to twelve (12) months in advance, however; camp reservations will not be made prior to June 1, for the following year. Camp Fire Inc. and Girl Scouts will receive first choice of times they wish to occupy the camp for their regular resident camp sessions. These two groups will arrange their schedules in consultation prior to any other commitments for camp use, but not later than May 1 of each year. Beginning May 10, of each year Camp Taylor will begin taking reservations for the following year.


Other groups such as church, or other youth organizations will be allowed to use the camp on a "first come first served" basis. Applications must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit within three (3) working days.

Trees, wild flowers and shrubs are not to be cut, picked or disturbed in any way in the vicinity of Camp Taylor


Dishes, flatware, pots and pans, etc. should be washed, rinsed, and then sanitized. For sanitizing, mix one (1) capful of bleach (Clorox, purex, etc.) for each tow (2) gallons of water.


Each organization or group using the camp will be expected to pay for damages other than normal wear and tear, and for the loss of any camp equipment.


Each user will be expected to leave the camp and the facilities in a clean and orderly condition. Each group will be cleared for departure by the Camp Manager after he/she has inspected the grounds, facilities and equipment and determined that everything is in order or that the appropriate assessments for damage or loss are to be applied and the user notified.


Use of Camp Taylor may be denied to any group, by consensus of the Board of Directors, which is delinquent in payment for previous use, damage assessments, or has left the camp in a disorderly condition.


When first occupying the camp, the leader of each group should report to the Camp Manager and indicate any defects or needed repairs to building or equipment.


Only the Camp Manager or his/her designated representative is authorized to operate and maintain the generator. We will instruct each group in the operation of the generator, but each group is responsible for the clock hours used.


Any physical change or improvement to be made on the premises during occupancy as a group must be APPROVED IN ADVANCE by the Camp Taylor Board of Directors.


Kitchen and/or dinning room equipment shall not be removed from the lodge. If a group wishes to have a cookout it must provide equipment and utensils.


Beds, mattresses, brooms, dust pans, fire extinguishers, etc. shall not be removed from the cabins.


Do not remove mattress covers from the mattresses.


Bedding (sheets, blankest, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.) shall be provided by those individuals or groups using the camp.

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